Smoke&Smile Band “Africa” b/w “Black High” (FNR-081)

Smoke&Smile // Sillamäe De Janeiro // FunkUnite 2000

“Righteous funk from the Smoke & Smile Band – really sounding great on “Africa” – a cut that almost feels like it was pulled from some Roy Ayers sessions of the late 70s! The tune’s upbeat, has great keyboards, and this chunky funky groove that’s as righteous as the lyrics! “Black High” is great too – a wicked bit of 70s-styled jazz funk, with a nicely edgey set of horn solos in the middle! When’s the full album? We can’t wait! (Hand-numbered limited edition of 250!)”

“Heavy on the afro funky side, “Africa” from the Smoke & Smile Band is a mid tempo, heavy on the flute dance floor number with a serious break for all you doubles are a must types with a very Roy Ayers feel that really works all angles.”

Smoke & Smile Band “Africa” Funk Night Records 45 (FNR-081A)

Smoke & Smile Band “Black High” Funk Night Records 45 (FNR-081B)