Miles Davis: The Autobiography (Russian trans.,MS Word RTF)

Автобиография Майлса Дэвиса (русский перевод.,MS Word RTF)

“Майлс Дэвис – гигант джаза, один из самых великих джазовых музыкантов XX века.
Будучи учеником Птицы, Диззи и Монка, он стал отцом-основателем таких джазовых направлений, как модальный джаз, кул-джаз, джаз-рок, а многие знаменитые ныне джазмены стали известны благодаря участию в ансамбле Майлса Дэвиса.”

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“Miles: The Autobiography, ” like Miles himself, holds nothing back. For the first time Miles talks about his five-year silence. He speaks frankly and openly about his drug problem and how he overcame it. He condemns the racism he has encountered in the music business and in American society generally. And he discusses the women in his life. But above all, Miles talks about music and musicians, including the legends he has played with over the years: Bird, Dizzy, Monk, Trane, Mingus, and many others.