Black Merda – Cynthy Ruth

still in biz with its sixty-seven Cynthy-Ruth blues rock. Black Black Murder… get down!

“The Detroit MetroTimes” named the 1970 track Cynthy-Ruth as one of The 100 Greatest Detroit Songs Ever! Further recognition was garnered when Cynthy-Ruth was featured in the HBO documentary The Nine Lives Of Marion Barry which aired in August 2009. Kanye West sampled Cynthy-Ruth for use in the track Teriya King on the 2009 album Serious Japanese that he produced for Japanese rappers the Teriyaki Boy.

Black Merda(pronounced “Black Murder”). An American rock band from Detroit, Michigan, active from the mid 1960s to the early 1970s and reuniting in 2005. They are considered to be the first all black rock band who wrote, performed and recorded their own music during 1960’S and early 70’S. The core band members are guitarist Anthony Hawkins (aka Wolf), bassist VC Lamont Veasey (aka Veesee, VC L Veasey, The Mighty V!), and guitarist Charles Hawkins (aka Charlie Hawk), plus original drummer Tyrone Hite. All were born in Mississippi (except Hite, born in Detroit) but came of age in Detroit.

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