Noobel Live & Jam Sessions (Prod. by Yo!Hoov)


Saturday, April 5 at 11:00pm
ULME Club – Tallinn, Tulika 9-11

Noobel on uus pidu, mille põhimõte on tuua kokku ühele lavale erinevaid pillimängijaid, lauljaid, dj’sid ja produtsente erinevatest scenedest ja bändidest, et jämmida, tantsida ja trallida.
Meie esimesel peol mängivad muusikud teie jaoks sooja ja energilist funki ja jazzi, tänavaluuletajad esitavad oma riime ning dj´d lasevad mahedat tantsumuusikat.

Smokensmile & Simonred (it’s all ’bout soul&groove)
Triophonix (Aleksandr Žedeljov guitar and Bandit scratch)
Uebanda (Aljona percussion & vocal, Sanchezz Petroff sax)
Estrada Orchestra (Vova Baskin keys, Bandit drums)

Mf Lef (Gorõ Lana)
Magnum PI (Gorõ Lana)
Pok (Superbandiit records)
Jim Gut (Lüki Prihoda)

Plaate valib:

Pilet: 4/5

“Hi everyone, I’m Simon, and we are SmokenSmile Band. We are happy friends from small seaside town Sillamae. &on 5th April we’re gonna bring some “freshwinds” feeling of our home and try to make it as it is: with some visuals, slide&video decorations, maybe some installations and works from artists… you’ll see. Before session starts, we would like to show some videos of our places, town and what we do in our ‘ghetto’haa:)) We all live in such small country, but it seems that each “Maakond” is like separate country on their own, you know… Soo, we gonna show you that we’re all people: russian-eesti., haarjuma-idavirumaa – we’re all brothers and sisters & everybody is always welcome to our beautiful place – Sillamae! come a bit earlier (it won’t take much time on videoshow). Here are some links of our Movement (most of info is in russian, but it doesn’t matter nowadays, I think:)
StuudioÖÖ – that’s our basement. Sillamae_Jazz’n’Art studio and – Artists: Anton Serdjukov & Eduard Zentsik – :)) &my homepage
Something like that;) our freakyevening-music_part will start with some rare stuff of mine. Before our people get ready, I’ll play some smooth & funky grooves with a bit of jazzy rhymes for you. vibes of LonnieListon,RoyAyers,QuincyJones and much more, that is familier to us and our home. Something like that. aaaand Further will be further – What else? – take your asses and get down with the get down! it’s gonna be bad, reeeal baaad!:))”


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