“The message”

Citizens of the world
It’s time for peace
Look what you do
to the the place you live

War. Pollution. Violence. Destruction.

See the world cry. The birds don’t sing
– where are you coming from
– where are you going to

Everything is fine around,
or something wrong with you?

Say, war is not the answer.
Got to find the way.
Let’s get together
and live in a harmony.


The game is over, so let’s start:
What you gonna do when you grow up?
– eat, drink, dream, think,
sleep, walk, do your thing –

Tell me, tell me, tell them:
“Oh, please, can i play another game?”
– Hey bro, so what’s the plan, i say?

You already here, and your still alive,
and you eat and drink, and you dream and think,
and you sleep and walk, and you do your thing.
But you cry…

You fool!!!

Get up, stand up, stand up for your right,
Get up, stand up, don’t give up to fight.
said B.M.
The game is over, so let’s begin…

Hey yo, easy bro
Get down to the floor
dance to the beat
come on
pum pum cha pu cha _ aaah